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At J. Rodney Baum Attorney at Law, our skilled criminal defense advocacy is shaped by over 25 years of experience and includes both federal and state crimes. We represent defendants throughout Louisiana.

Dedicated, Experienced Criminal Defense

A Passion For Our Work

At J. Rodney Baum Attorney at Law, we are passionate about our work. Even after 25 years, we never approach a case as routine. When you meet with us, we will thoroughly compare the arrest record with your version of events. That meeting helps us chart an initial strategy. We also take the time to educate you about the criminal justice system and the hearings and other procedural steps ahead of you. That way, you will play an active role in your case.

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Personalizing Your Defense

Our personal approach also sets us apart. When we meet with you, we take the time to listen to your story and your background, in addition to the events leading up to the specific charges you are facing. We want our advocacy to help not only your legal defense, but also your plans for a better future. For example, we have helped many of our clients obtain expungements to improve their rehabilitation back into the workforce and other areas of society.

Earning Your Trust

We earn our clients’ trust through hard work and skilled advocacy. Law enforcement officials may have been building their case against you for months or even years. This gives the prosecutor an initial advantage. This is why we conduct our own discovery, often working with a private investigator to search for witnesses and additional evidence. We analyze searches and other actions for procedural improprieties that could weaken the prosecutor’s case and facilitate a plea bargain.

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Providing Comprehensive Advocacy

Finally, we offer a range of advocacy styles. Our list of representative cases illustrates the breadth our of legal practice, refined from our substantial experience. Our litigation skills are rooted in substantial courtroom experience. We know how to cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses for inconsistencies and hold the government to its burden of proof. Yet we are equally persuasive at negotiation. Based on our experience, we will analyze the strategic risks of the prosecutor’s case to develop a plea strategy for you. From reduced charges to probation sentences or dismissals, we will fight for your best outcome.

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