A Proven Track Record

When searching for an attorney to defend you, you want to make sure that you find a lawyer with a proven record of success who will defend your rights and pursue your best interests. Below is a list of just some of the clients that our office, J. Rodney Baum Attorney at Law, has represented over the years and the outcomes of the cases. To schedule an initial consultation, call our Baton Rouge office at 800-352-0797 or complete our online contact form.


U.S. V. Sunshine Phonebook Company

Client, the company sales director and along with the owners of the company were charged in a conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. The case went to trial, and counsel obtained a verdict of not guilty for the client. The other defendants were convicted.

U.S. V. Deputy Secretary Of Louisiana Department Of Environmental Quality

The client received a letter from the United States attorney’s office advising that she was a target of their federal investigation into criminal wrong doing at the Department of Environmental Quality. Counsel represented the client through the federal grand jury process where she was cleared of any criminal wrong doing.

U.S. V. Church Point Family Drug Conspiracy

Client was charged in a federal conspiracy to distribute cocaine over a 10-year period. The client was a co-defendant with his mother and two brothers. At trial, the client was acquitted by the jury of numerous counts but convicted of the singular conspiracy count. In post-trial motions, counsel was able to demonstrate gross government misconduct that caused the judge to dismiss the conspiracy conviction and order the immediate release of the client.

State V. LSU Football Player

An LSU football player was charged in Baton Rouge with burglary. A reduced charge was negotiated, and a sentence of probation was achieved. Counsel arranged for client to enroll in a new school after dismissal from LSU. Counsel also helped the client to find an agent and prepare for the NFL draft where the client was drafted by the Miami Dolphins. The client received new charges while in Miami for which he was convicted and sent to prison. Upon release from prison, the client was extradited back to Louisiana to face probation revocation and five years of additional jail time. Through litigation, the client was allowed to remain on probation with no further jail time until counsel was able to obtain the client’s early release from probation.

State V. Bandito Gang Member

Counsel represented a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club arrested and charged with attempted murder. Counsel avoided federal charges in the case, and through litigation and negotiation achieved reduction of charges to a single misdemeanor with a sentence of probation. At the conclusion of probation, counsel was able to obtain an expungement of the client’s arrest and conviction record.

U.S. V. Russian National

Russian national arrested for credit card fraud. The client had charges pending simultaneously in state and federal court. A reduced charge and release from prison were achieved through litigation and negotiation.

State V. Man Charged With Molestation Of A Juvenile

When represented by a previous attorney, the client was convicted of molestation of a juvenile. Counsel prepared the appeal and argued the case in the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Louisiana, and subsequently in the Louisiana Supreme Court where counsel won a reversal of the client’s conviction and a new trial.

State V. Catholic Priest

A Catholic priest was arrested for indecent behavior with a juvenile. Counsel represented the client in Abbeville. After lengthy litigation and negotiation with the district attorney’s office, the Catholic Church, and lawyers representing the victim, counsel was able to achieve a reduction in charges and a minimum sentence.

State V. Entergy Vice President

The client was arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography. Client was facing 20 years to life in the penitentiary. Through litigation and negotiation, reduced charges were obtained, and the client received the minimum sentence allowable by law.

U.S. V. Lafayette Drug Conspiracy

Client was charged in federal court with a long-term drug conspiracy. During investigation and litigation of the case, counsel discovered prosecutorial misconduct that resulted in the dismissal of several charges. On the day of the trial, the government agreed to a plea that resulted in the client receiving a probation sentence.

State V. Juvenile Charged With Rape

Counsel represented a juvenile at trial who was charged with rape. Counsel won the case, and the client was found not guilty of all charges.

State V. Church Bookkeeper

The client was a bookkeeper for a local Catholic Church. She was arrested for theft of thousands of dollars from the church. Through negotiations with the district attorney’s office as well as the Catholic Church, counsel was able to get the client into a pretrial intervention program. All charges were dropped at completion of the program.