Protect Your Rights Against Your Drug Charges

Whatever the severity of a drug-related charge, Louisiana will pursue severe sentencing for anyone they charge. At a federal level, the consequences to a drug charge can be even more severe. J. Rodney Baum Attorney at Law has been defending its clients against drug charges at both a state and federal level for over 25 years. From the moment you hire us to defend you, we will give you a direct line of contact with your lawyer. By being able to call your attorney at any hour of the day, whenever you need him, you will remain in the know about how your defense is coming along.

Do Not Take Your Charges Lightly

Even if you feel that society is becoming more relaxed about using or possessing marijuana, that does not mean that the Louisiana law system will automatically give you a slap on the wrist. If you are facing even a small charge of possession, getting a lawyer can help you reduce the time of a prison sentence, or even possibly avoid prison time entirely. When we work through your case, we explore every option available such as:

  • Looking for police or prosecutorial misconduct
  • Opening early plea discussions
  • Pursuing government cooperation opportunities
  • Keeping doors open for negotiations

Let Us Help You Defend Your Future

Any drug charge is a serious one. If you or a loved one is facing drug charges in the Baton Rouge area, get a lawyer who knows what to expect during your case. Contact us today at 800-352-0797 to set up your initial consultation to begin defending your future today.