Evening The Odds In White Collar Crime Investigations

When compared to drug crimes or violent crimes, white collar crimes are often an entirely different process to defend. J. Rodney Baum knows how to handle a defense for a white collar crime, since he has been defending these types of charges for over 25 years. White collar crimes consist of a variety of violations, including:

  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Bribery
  • Corruption
  • Conspiracy

To properly defend charges with this kind of complex nature, you need an attorney who is smart. Law enforcement can make mistakes, alter the facts and even improperly follow police procedures. The fact of the matter is that an allegation is not the final verdict. With proper investigation, we can catch mistakes that the prosecution has made, which can favor your outcome drastically. Our lawyer won’t let the prosecutor bully you into making hasty decisions either.

Let Our Legal Team Work To Protect Your Future

We know that each case is unique, and we need to treat them as such. Our clients rarely testify, as we let the others who testify help us. In many cases, a witness will say something that can trip up the prosecution and benefit us greatly. We can offer representation for individuals or organizations to help yield the best possible outcome for your charges. We are able take on Louisiana or federal charges. If you need a rigorous defender to stand against your white collar crime charges, act fast. We serve the Baton Rouge area, so contact us today at 800-352-0797 to set up an initial consultation.